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Family Violence Program

Kanaweyimik receives funding from Saskatchewan Justice to provide urban family violence counseling and support services to all Aboriginal people. This project provides one-on-one counseling and anger management sessions on a weekly basis for both men and women. This project is the only service provider for the Battlefords Alternative Domestic Violence Court project. A special court for domestic violence charges is held every second Thursday. Persons charged with assault have the option of pleading guilty to charges, then are ordered by the judge to complete the Kanaweyimik Family Violence Treatment Program (KFVTP) and then this is factored into their sentencing which is adjourned until they complete the program.

Kanaweyimik makes progress reports to the court every second Thursday on all court ordered referrals. This program runs for 18 weeks with the option of continuing to work through issues if they are not resolved. Men's sessions are held every Monday and women's sessions are held every Tuesday. This program has been very successful and has resulted in more people turning to this option. This has now resulted in a backlog of people waiting to take the program. Because of this result, Saskatchewan Justice has come forward with extra funding for our program to continue Family Violence sessions 12 months of the year.

Check out our newsletter section Volume 2 Issue 3 May 2013 for a more detailed description of this program.

KFVTP Brochure

We use the Circle Process and Smudging in our Program.

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