Our Team

At Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services we share a deep commitment to excellence and innovation in our services.

Our vision is to empower individuals, families and member communities to sustain an environment of safety and well-being for their children, to develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, utilizing their culture, beliefs and traditional practices

Our Amazing Team

Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services believes that each individual has dignity and worth in the eyes of the Creator.

Marlene Bugler

Executive Director

Elaine Baptiste

Protection Supervisor

Gary Nolin

Prevention Supervisor

Corinne Wuttunee

MSS Supervisor

Bertha Aubichon

Resource Supervisor

Jodi Chmelnyk

Executive Office Manager

Tracy Constant
Carol Paskemin
Selma Bear
Doreen Rittinger

Administrative Assistants

Vivian Dufresne


Bertha Aubichon
Christine Swiftwolf
Joni Swiftwolfe
Nadine Favel
Kristin Parenteau
Jeri-lynn Bear
Amanda Sperling
Kim Sayers
Christina Albert

Protection Workers

Joni Swiftwolfe

Foster Home Worker

Diane Pooyak
Delores Beaudry

Prevention Workers

Lori Nicotine
Amanda Bear

MSS Urban Program

Laura Bird
Glenda Wahobin
Jessica Paul

MSS Visitation Program

Carolyn Kiskotagan

Warrior Program Facilitator

Cecile Whitecalf

Family Violence Facilitator

Natashya Ironchild
Amanda Bear

Parent Aides

Carl Thunderblanket
Shayla Moosomin

Activity Workers

Mike Riou, Riou Law

Legal Services

Loralie Raiche, HRO

Audit Services

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Protection, safety, prevention, knowledge, understanding for our member communities.