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The foundation of Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services incorporates a philosophical framework that is wholistically based. This belief maintains that abuse and violence has the potential to affect the whole person and therefore the response and preventative measures taken must address these distinctly human aspects (mental, physical, emotional and spiritual). The invasive (but often necessary) act of removing children from their home only serves as a temporary response and does not address the causation factors.

Kanaweyimik Child & Family services believes it is imperative that in order to reduce the number of children brought into care, there must be a comprehensive understanding of the causal factors of abuse and violence and its effects on children, youth and families. In addition, it is important to have a well defined and strategically implemented prevention, support, counseling and therapy service and a scrupulously monitored development and implementation and evaluation program.

Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services has brought together several basic assumptions and beliefs that collectively support the framework and drive the specific actions within this Plan. They are as follows:

  • To effectively address the abuse, neglect and maltreatment of children and youth, one must understand the underlying causes.
  • Child abuse, neglect and maltreatment happen, not as a result of the purposeful intent of their parents or caregivers to harm their children, but as a result of misguided, ill-equipped, unhealthy, struggling people trying to cope with personal and/or historical life influences.
  • Given the opportunity, (along with attaining a level of wellness, effective education, structured programs and culturally relevant teachings) parents will strive to meet the needs of their children.
  • All people deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, compassion and understanding.
  • A person's behavior is subjectively based and not to be judged, but requires understanding and resolve if permanent change is to be realized.
  • Communities are diverse in their beliefs, culture, ceremonies, religion and language, all of which are honored and valued.
  • A person's identity plays a significant role in their over-all wellbeing.
  • Abuse, neglect and maltreatment affect the whole person - mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To strengthen families who are at risk of having a child enter the child protection system by providing family preservation services.
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