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Urban Services

Kanaweyimik believes children should remain with their parents as long as they can be safe and cared for but there are times when they have to be removed from their parents' care temporarily while we work with the parents to overcome their barriers to being effective parents. During this time, we offer supports to the parents, arrange for and supervise regular visits. During this time we also offer emergency foster care for the children while we work with the family to reunite the family.

Program Outcomes:

  • Culturally appropriate services are available on an emergent basis at anytime of the day.
  • Children can remain in family home where child safety can be assured with provision of intensive family support services in the home
  • Emergency homes will be available for children requiring removal from parental care on an interim basis
  • Parents gain knowledge and improve their parenting and life skills
  • Children and parents can maintain regular contact while children are in temporary care

Type of Services:

  • Intensive family support services in the home for families involved with Social Services.
  • Two Emergency foster homes available for emergency placements at all hours of the day or night.
  • Visitation services for children in care and parents to visit in a safe monitored environment.
  • Transportation services for children and families involved with Social Services.
  • Traditional and structured parenting sessions for parents involved with Social Services
  • Warrior Program—Inter generational Trauma Recovery for parents involved with Social Services.
  • Domestic Violence/Family Violence treatment program for families experiencing domestic violence in their home.
  • TAPWE Youth Inter-generational Trauma Recovery program for youth in care.
  • Life skills for parents involved with Social Services and youth in care.

Referral Process:

  • Most referrals come from Social Services or the HUB
  • Self-referrals are welcomed and accepted
  • If you want to make a referral or want to request services for yourself or your family call: Assistant Supervisor of Urban Services at 306-445-3500

Other Supports Provided:

  • Elder Monitoring can be provided
  • Parents and youth will be supported to attend cultural ceremonies if they wish to attend
  • Parent Aides and Youth Aides can be provided if required
  • Healing Circles

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