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Child and Family Services
Kanaweyimik Child & Family Services Inc.

91 23rd St W
Battleford, SK
S0M 0E0
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Programs & Services

Existing Programs

Kanaweyimik has three main programs operating at this time. Each is funded from different sources and complements each other. The funding from other sources has enabled us to provide more comprehensive and effective services for our members.

1. Child and Family Services Program

2. Family Violence Program

3. Prevention Program Family Preservation Services

4. Counselling Program

5. Foster Parent Program

On-going Activities

Cultural Camps   Wellness Sessions
Youth Programs   Annual Round Dance
Elders Activities   Cultural Activities


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Protection Services
Counselling Services
Foster Parent Program
Family Violence Program
Warrior Program
Prevention Services
Urban Services

Video Resources Available

Crystal Meth Use
Gang Life
Drug Addiction



Kanaweyimik Child and Family Services Inc. currently provide statutory and support services to the following four member communities:

    • Moosomin First Nation Pop. 1512


    • Saulteaux First Nation Pop. 1158


    • Sweetgrass First Nation Pop. 1673


    • Mosquito First Nation Pop. 1243




According to Elder Norman Sunchild, the Cree name "Kanaweyimik" has its origin in two meanings or messages that pertain to the care of children:

To the parents - "take care of your children";

To the children - "ask their parents to take care of them".